Welcome, dear readers, to the Bibliotheque

Hello.  Hullo.  A-hoy-hoy.  Wilkommen.  This is my new blog, to accompany my existing one (oh, it’s The Psychotronic Kinematograph, and can be located, should you wish to peer into its murky depths, at http://psychtronickinematograph.blogspot.co.uk/).  There, i (sometimes, the vagaries of free time and being arsed permitting) transfer my cluttered and unfiltered thoughts from my warped and tiny mind to the internets for people to peruse, like, mock, gawk like spectators at a 19th century freakshow as i perform the cineastic equivalent of biting the heads off live chickens like a circus geek, etc.

Anyway, this is my parallel blog, wherein i intend to do a similar thing for literature.  As a fan of horror, SF, fantasy and pulp there are lots of things i read / have read and have my own silly opinions on that i may sometimes have ego enough to think that people might be interested in.  Anyway: i watch and read stuff, and sometimes think of things to write about them.  This may be a bit sporadic, but we’ll see how it goes shall we?  So friends, take my hand and accompany me on this journey if you will.  Be seeing you.:)